Dracula 4: The Shadow Of The Dragon - HD アプリのレビュー

A few bugs and...

...was able to get through Dracula4 with only one restart due to a bug in the library. Then I bought the rest of the game for $4.99 and it lasted barely as long as the intro. Now they want me to buy Dracula 5 to "continue the story"?! Shouldn't that be what I already paid for or will this be another $4.99 for a brief add on? This is not worth $9.99! Someone tell me how long the sequel is and if it's included? So far it just says I have to pay again. I want more than a 1.5 hr game.

Dracula 4 Shadow of the Dragon

Great game. Intelligent dialogue and detailed environments add to an intriguing story line. Also enjoyed the sequel Dracula 5.

Great game - too glitchy

This is my favorite kind of game and the story is pretty great so far -- but I have played the beginning 3 times so far because the game doesn't save and it keeps glitching. Please fix this!!! Please let me manually save the game!!!!!!!

Wish I didn't waste $5 on this

Game doesn't save progress. Nowhere to save to even load a new game later. Not worth any money

The game needs some modification

Some puzzles require a keyboard And the keyboard does not appear


My game keeps on shutting off, can't play. Please fix or refund me my money. Thank you.

Crashes every time!

Please fix!! Crashes when I take the cloth off...

Ditto crashes

Same crash here when I take cloth of statue. Uninstalled n re installed and now it won't even start a new game!!!!!! Hurry up n fix please!!!!

Crashed after I paid

Please refund or fix.

Game Crashed after I paid

Please fix or refund


Game crashes when I take the cloth off plz fix

Game Crash!

Love the game, but when I take the cloth off the statue my game crashed, after paying in game 4.99 to keep going. Please work on this bug!

The game crashed!!!

I like the game. I'm into adventure games. I was very happy to find this game as an app. It is so much easier to play this game while resting on the couch or bed, instead of playing in front of my PC. Alas, the game exits when I removed a cloth of a statue. I cannot finish the game. Microids, please fix this bug. I will edit my review if you will allow me to play your game.can I get my money back?

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